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Have you ever been sick or had an accident and missed work?

We All Have

What if your last paycheck was your LAST paycheck? Income Protection is a type of insurance that pays you when you do not have the ability you need in order to perform your occupation. Get Your Quote

Your Ability to Earn

In a sense, Income Protection protects your ability. Your ability to earn an income. Your ability to earn IS by far your most valuable asset. More valuable than a car or a house or any jewelry you own. Why? Because your ability to earn is the foundation that a car, a house and anything else you purchase rests on.

You don't think it will happen to you.

Over 3 million people reported an injury or illness that prevented them from doing their job in 2013. It is important to remember that nobody believes bad things can happen to them. Until it does.

There are literally thousands of stories of people who were fortunate to consider protecting against the possibility they would be among those who life throws a curve ball.


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